Network Infrastructure & Structured Cabling

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Network infrastructure involve complex issues such as design, planning, and implementation. Wise IT Solution helps you and your business stay connected by covering entire range of networking services. We are professional and experienced in installing CAT6/CAT6A LANs, Fiber Optic cabling, VPN solutions and security.

Network Planning

Include designing and installing cabling, wireless, IP Phone system, and latest hardware and software, shared access, configuration of desktops and mobile devices.

Network Testing and Certification

We do not only design and install your network and structured cabling services. Our trained and certified technician also audit and test all the installations to ensure the best performance.

Project management

Our project manager and technical teams keep update with cabling requirement in various industry, guarantee your project is completely implemented within schedule.

Event management

Unexpected problems can cause your network installation disconnected. We identify and fix the problem as soon as possible before causing any loss or damage to your business.