ERP APPS - 31213

ERP Apps improve productivity via enabling instant comunication and information access among suppliers, partners, vendors, employees, assets, products, field force and customers, at any time and any place.

Provide mobile access of product and customer information, such as service history, warranty info, reported problems, usage data, customer availability, address etc.
  • field staff can see the list of jobs of the day
  • details of each call
  • customer details
  • marking of an unproductive job call
  • product details like service history, invoice date, warranty period etc.
  • ability to enter details of parts replaced and salvaged
  • photographic evidence to ascertain true repair/replacement conditions
  • fetch details of product from the serial no
  • parts availability in the local warehouse and time taken to make the part available if not present
  • automatic billing based on the work done.

A mobile app for events and conferences can give the attendees a tech-savvy experience. Not only the app can do registration, attendance, announcement​ and agenda update, activities like surveys, voting, lucky draws, online chat and even AR games can happen in the event to encourage more audience to participate. This can attract more sponsors making the events more visible.

This app makes it feasible for security agencies to keep track of the attendance of their employees, whether they are near or at far distance. There is also an alarm system for emergencies. Errands given to employee can be supervised that they are taken care of with complete precision and accuracy. These features enhance the workability of security agencies.

Fast management of leads and customer’s queries at any time and any place helps sales personnel to save time in daily activities. They can focus on their tasks and customer interaction with easy access information available in the mobile CRM.  This will increase sales of products and engagement of customers.
  • daily attendance
  • demo features of products as per customers’ requirement.
  • lead management and capture customer details
  • get better answers of customer’s queries
  • tracking of sales activities and performances.
  • offline mode to access data in the app.