CCTV surveillance & Access Control

To protect your business asset and build a secure environment, setting up CCTV, access control and alarming systems are unavoidable. We provide highly reliable security systems integrated with information technology regardless of the nature of your business and location. From designing to installation, we have practical experience to ensure that the security systems are trustworthy.

We also provide maintenance support and any enhancement work.
Following are some features:


Closed Circuit Television provides extensive surveillance of your working environment and allows control to mobilize resources to deal with any incidents. We offer consultation on the choice of surveillance cameras by our experienced experts and all-round package from design, supply, installation to maintenance.

Access Control

Professional access control restricts unauthorized access and provides access privileges control to entrances and pathways. We provide and install access control systems based on your requirements. The access control systems provided can be tailored to record the timing and attendance of employees or any other.