IT Outsourcing

We offer comprehensive IT outsourcing support includes consultation, IT solutions, unlimited support and monitoring, office relocation and procurement.

IT Outsourcing Support included

Daily Technical Support and Monitoring

Wise IT assists different types of enterprise in creating machine rooms especially for server groups, which are protected by the indoor facilities of the fire control, waterproofing, air-conditioning and UPS as constructed pursuant to a careful plan. 

Remote Access and Support

Businesses can take advantage of scalability and flexibility by not being limited to physical constraints, the reliability of multiple data centers with multiple redundancies, customization by configuring servers to your preferences, and responsive load balancing that can easily respond to changing demands.

System Maintenance Services

Many local enterprise usually have their own computer system support department or a team. However with barely sufficient for handling daily IT operation. Here We provide a comprehensive support to every enterprises with our professional IT technical teams. That we carefully plan on their IT support solutions according to their specific needs.

IT Relocation Service

Data loss indicates a bad consequence in many business aspects, which are trying every effect to prevent data pilfering or any mitigate risks. While it is very cost effective for a company to choose cloud storage service, which all files are encrypted and backed-up with high security.

WISE IT Solution is an IT company providing IT services and technical support for clients ranging from small start-ups and SMBs to established enterprises.

In the demanding and fast-paced business environment, the main concern is to maintain operational costs to a minimum level. We rely on the computer to collaboration, big data analytics and strategize. If your IT system goes down, Wise IT solution offers you a hand.

IT Outsourcing Services

We provide a spectrum of services to cater for your needs: IT Support, IT consulting, IT solutions, relocation, infrastructure and procurement. Outsourcing to Wise IT Solution enables you to offload the complex and inefficient IT environment while maintaining a sharper focus on core business.

Server Maintenance & IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Your server computers require regular server maintenance service to keep the problems away and maintain optimal performance. If your company lacks hands for daily user support, we offer IT Helpdesk to assist. Our secondment service will reduce work pressure of the company’s own computer system support team.

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Key benefits at a glance

Technical Team

Technical Support

Equipment Research

System Consultation

System Operation


Project Team

Project Planning

Client Communication

Project Coordination

Project Monitoring

Provide Overall Support

Installation Team

Site Management

Site Work Coordination

Site Work Management

Custom Service Team

Provide Direct Customer Support

Support Process Improvement

Review and resolve Escalation


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Respect and Honor our Customers

Have you ever met a conflict that when you have paid for a IT service but eventually it fails to tackle your problems? Would it been too ironic that your business have to continuously pay for a service that helps solved nothing. WISE IT promises to put out clients over the priority and solve all their problems with all-round service.

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Flexible Solutions to every cases

By giving professional solutions to every specific cases, we always attaches important to quality and efficiency. WISE IT enjoys building experience relationships with our clients and communicating with them. We do believe that using technology could help you break through and succeed in your business.

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Active prevention of unpredictable case

Many IT companies nowadays merely offer maintenance service that could not prevent your system from damage in daily. It hence should not be an effective manner to maintain the stability of your system, meanwhile the cost remains high. To better save your cost, seeking for an active management technology must be a right choice for your company. WISE IT actively monitors our clients’ system to prevent from any unpredictable situation.