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We offer comprehensive IT support includes consultation, IT solutions, unlimited support and monitoring, office relocation and procurement.

WISE IT Solution is an IT company equipped with professional teams and the advanced technology products provided by our business partners. The experience of delivering state-of-the-art IT sollutions for each of our customers positions us as a pioneer in the field with promising cost-effective solutions with great value of money but never compromises on quality and performance. Therefore, we can help customers to improve the business performance and create ideal accomplishment.

WISE IT Solution is an IT company providing IT services and technical support for clients ranged from small start-ups and SMBs to established enterprises.

Have you been bothered by a minor problem in your computer that stops you from working in office? Our remote IT support could keep an eye on your IT infrastructure by our professional technicians that could quickly and remotely access your devices to resolve your problems without visiting your office.

Managed Business IT services, known as Virtual IT Management, focuses on managing all IT infrastructure in your company including network, applications and systems to optimize productivity and efficiency.

it support

We understand unexpected IT issues. If you need occasional IT support engineer or an emergency that requires urgent remote support or a rapid onsite visit, our fast-responding team is here to help.

If you do not have budget or space for an in-house IT support team, our onsite support Service is your choice. We offer all sizes of business a complete and comprehensive outsourced support solutions.

We provide ongoing monitoring of network, server and software and hardware performance to identify potential issues and to keep your network and systems safe all the time.

To remain competitive, businesses rely on technology to operate efficiently. However, this increased reliance on IT support that should not necessarily result in an increase in the amount of IT staff, businesses can often do more with less. Million Tech offers an affordable way for business to obtain advanced support and conserve their resources. Listed below are six reasons why your business should consider choosing Million Tech’s IT Support Outsource Service.

1. Stay Focused on Your Core Business
  • By outsourcing IT support, managers can stay focused on their core mission and avoid distractions from complex IT decisions.
2. Reduce Risk
  • Outsourcing IT support minimises your risk because Million Tech has industry-specific knowledge about security and compliance issues.
3. Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness
  • When organizations attempt to perform all IT Support Services in house, they typically incur increased research, development and implementation time.
4. Reduce Labour Costs
  • Outsourcing IT support allows you to focus your human resources on where they are needed the most.
5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Million Tech can match your needs, understand your current technology and have the necessary technical certifications.

Technical Team

Technical IT Support 

Equipment Research

System Consultation

System Operation


Project Team

Project Planning

Client Communication

Project Coordination

Project Monitoring

Provide Overall Support

Installation Team

Site Measurement

Site Work Coordination

Site Work Management

Indoor and Outdoor WIFI

Wise IT Solutions has experience designing, installing, and maintaining WIFI in many different types of environments. These range from office WIFI to gallery and commercial space WIFI, and outdoor event WIFI.

Office Infrastructure

As a business grows from start up to thriving SME, I.T. can become overstretched. Networks and systems grow organically with the company and often don’t provide the levels of protection and productivity.

Systems Engineering

From determining the correct applications, infrastructure and networking requirements for your business, to deploying and configuring the solution, we are ideally placed to design and implement end to end.

IT Audits

Wise IT Solutions can perform a complete end to end audit of your company’s IT systems.

it support
Wise IT Solutions is partner with a focus on you

IT is essential to all enterprises. Our mission is to provide your business with tomorrow’s technology today.

We enjoy building extensive relationships with our clients and communicating with them. It is important to keep your company competitive — We achieve that by offering the latest technological solutions. We hope to deliver professional IT services that cooperate perfectly with your business.


Working with IT providers could save you cost and time. It prevents costly IT breakdowns that can cost your business thousands in lost man-hours and productivity. WISE IT Solution offers an hourly rate (based on the qualifications of the service delivery personnel), including substantial discounts for regular scheduled service and large projects.
We do not only work with small business or those without an IT department. If you are a multi-national organization, we would love to meet you too. Many of our existing clients are international companies with an IT department based at their headquarters overseas. Perhaps your office is in Hong Kong/Singapore but your HQ is in the Europe, North & South America, Australia. We can be your remote hands, implementing policy on behalf of your internal team. This saves the cost of flying staff around the world to take care of the regional offices and minimizes frustration for local employees who do not want to wait for the right time-zone to have their issues resolved.
One of our local System Engineers will respond to you request for support within 4 hours and can be onsite to assist you the next business day at the latest. Our sophisticated remote access tools and technicians can resolve most problems without the added expense and time of travel to your site.
If there is an agreed fixed schedule then one of our team of experienced field technicians and engineers will provide you with comprehensive on-site system maintenance at pre-determined times during the week. Proactively maintaining systems allows us to pre-empt any issues before they arise, giving you a smooth system environment that you can work efficiently from. If you have a pre-paid hours contract, we will not come onsite without request and we will never come onsite without prior approval.
Support & Service
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  • Service Hotline: +852 3401 1211
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