IT Infrastructure

We offer supportive office setup with sophisticated IT infrastructure includes structured cabling, solutions of wireless Wifi Network, surveillance and monitoring system.

Why constructing IT infrastructure is important for enterprises

Most small businesses start out with simple IT device such as desktop computers, laptops, a simple phone system and a router for stable internet connection. However, it is far from enough for a growing business which required an advanced IT infrastructure with network security, connectivity, computing speed, reliability, to enhance their working productivity.

It is important to keep in mind that as your business grows, so too does your cyber vulnerability. Sixty-three percent of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a data breach in 2019. Even more concerning is that since the start of the pandemic this year, 22% of small businesses transitioned to remote work without a cybersecurity plan. Are you prepared for distributions and security breaches?

Ensuring that your IT infrastructure is reliable and secure is fundamental to not only your business’ sustainability, but also your scalability. Smart investments in hardware, software, network services and the right team to manage it all could be the difference between a profitable company and a failing one. Taking shortcuts with your IT infrastructure to save money in the short-term is unwise – even something as simple as poor cabling could make a fancy software application unusable.

What kinds of service for IT Infrastructure we offer

structured cabling

Network infrastructure involve complex issues such as design, planning, and implementation. Wise IT Solution helps you and your business stay connected by covering entire range of networking services. We are professional and experienced in installing CAT6/CAT6A LANs, Fiber Optic cabling, VPN solutions and security.

it support

An IP Phone utilizes Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for transferring telephone calls over the IPPBX Gateway, while an IPPBX makes use of converged data and voice networks to connect all phone calls through a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based system. We provide telecom service integrated with information technology that reduce your dependence on traditional telephone systems and telecoms providers.


The Wi-Fi service we provided is reliable and cost-effective that allows you to keep connected with your business partner without worrying about the slow and unstable network.

Structured cabling

Fiber optics are installed to perform high transmission speed over long distances and multiple locations. It is the best option if companies demand for a reliable and fast-paced network system.


To protect your business asset and build a secure environment, setting up CCTV, access control and alarming systems are unavoidable. We provide highly reliable security systems integrated with information technology regardless of the nature of your business and location. From designing to installation, we have practical experience to ensure that the security systems are trustworthy.

it infrastructure

The instant temperature monitoring system can effectively monitor temperature changes through infrared cameras which can have a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding ambient temperature. The system can warn of possible risk events and have a wide range of uses. This system is suitable for hospitals, schools, office buildings, banks, shopping mall entrances, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, restaurants, churches and supermarkets… etc. It is easy to use and can be monitored at all times, which can prevent the crisis of plague.

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